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Southwest Texas Junior College NEO Team Volunteer

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Professor Dennis Johnson and group leader Faith Smith came by today to help out at the center. The group did various volunteer jobs that included folded clothing. They organized the UMCOR bags and verified there is a health pack in each of them.

Thanks for cleaning and organizing the kitchen it will make cooking a lot quicker for them.

Mr. Ramos did a volunteer orientation and a walk throughout the building providing location of amenities and resources donated. Thanks everyone for their interest in volunteering at Mission Border Hope Resource Center of Eagle Pass. Hope to see more community group join us as we grow in our efforts to not only help the immigrants but also help with other projects.

Mission Border Hope Center NEO SWTJC Volunteer Names

Elizabeth Huerta

Faith Smith- Group Leader

Estefania Salinas

Karina Diaz

Jonas De Los Santos

Leo Aguilar

Melanie Smith

Sonia Costillon

Dennie Johnson-Instructor

Ethan Puentes

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