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Mission: Border Hope is a non-profit organization rooted in the United Methodist Church.

We work to honor God through serving people in need regardless of faith, gender, sex, age, background, or nationality. We believe that all people are worthy of an abundant life and we are willing to invest our presence, compassion, prayers, and gifts to support those seeking opportunity.

Mission Statement


We believe focusing on selective areas of service will increase the impact of our mission. Our focus is restorative justice. Programming shifts to best fit the needs of both locally underserved populations as well as asylum seekers. Current programming includes housing work by engaging with mission teams for individuals and families needing support.  Another area works in medical assistance through partnership with medical staff, sponsoring food bank work by engaging with our county, as well as providing facilitation to asylum seekers on their journey in seeking freedom from oppression.  


The majority of our work requires direct engagement with the people we serve. Another important part of our mission is advocacy to promote equity and maintain the rights of the individuals who seek our supports.


Being faithful to this mission results in being fruitful. As we serve our faith grows.  We seek to transform the world through our service of love and compassion. With our mission, we want to reach more people­ – from diverse backgrounds and cultures­– in order to transform challenges into opportunity and growth.

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