Mission: Border Hope is a non-profit service mission rooted in the United Methodist Church mission of making and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ that transform the world. With our mission, we want to reach more people, more diverse people, and more- younger people that seek to find the living Christ through mission to the vulnerable.


We offer mission relationship to people that need help without regard for faith commitments or non-faith commitments, gender, age, or nationality.


We believe that all God’s people are worthy of an abundant life and are willing to invest our presence, our prayers, and our gifts to help those in need.


We believe that focusing on a few key faith and mission areas will increase the impact of our mission. Our focus is restorative justice: serving the wounded and vulnerable in ways that help restore them in the image of God.


Much of our mission requires direct contact with the people we serve. Another important part of our mission is advocacy and public policy as justice seeking people on behalf of the underserved.


Being faithful to this mission results in being fruitful. Jesus Christ is present to those in mission and those we serve in powerful ways. As we serve our faith grows: we serve in the name of the living Christ.

mission statement