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Mission: Border Hope helps to create a shared understanding about God’s work among the wounded and vulnerable of the border. Through time spent with mission teams and those who need help, God’s will and restoring grace falls afresh on both the missioners and those being served.


We believe that a sign of fruitfulness is a growing number of mission teams that serve those in need.


Promoting our mission is necessary to fruitfulness. Many that see our mission will participate.


Mission: Border Hope supports Safe Sanctuary Policy therefore all local Churches and volunteer agencies must certify that all volunteers have passed a criminal background check.




Local churches are our primary mission partnerships but other mission partners are necessary to carry out our mission to the wounded and vulnerable.


We actively seek funds and resources in partnership with the General Boards and agencies of the United Methodist Church.


We seek partnerships with theological/seminary schools and educational institutions to expand our shared knowledge of God’s work among the wounded and vulnerable on the border.


We actively seek ecumenical partnerships and other faith based resources to achieve our mission.


We actively seek relationships with local community, county, state and federal agencies on behalf of the wounded and vulnerable.




We will measure the success of this mission in in many ways.

These are the starting measuring points:


1. Expanding the Mission: We seek more mission funding, projects, and team workers
2. Building Capacity to Serve Through the generosity of The Southwest Texas Annual Conference, Kerrville District, many local churches, and many individual donors, Mission: Border Hope carries forth its mission.


To grow the mission, the funding base must be expanded. This will be done through grants, agency partnerships, church and individual donations.

Building Community Resources and Assets


We actively seek community resources and assets for our mission including funding, property to house our mission, and collaborative partners to help us carry out our mission.

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