Immigrant Orientation:

At Mission Border Hope Resource Center we offer a BIG WELCOME to the all the arrivals. We ask them to please take a seat so we can share with them the realities of entering the United States of America. we have organized our orientation with bullets.

  • Welcome them to the United State

  • About the U.S including language and our costumes

  • How we are able to help them

  • Rules and Emergency Information

  • What to do after we are done with orientation

Immigrant Nutrition

some of the people have been traveling for months and they have been through so much. So our goal is to provide a good meal for each  for each Our out of town volunteers travel down to our center to cook delicious meals as well as donate items like break, potatoes, meat and other food. Our local volunteer cooks comes by as soon as we get a family or group in. They cook local delights for them that can include: Enchiladas, Chile Rellenos, Aroz con pollo, picadillo and other dishes.


Immigrant Clothing


Legal Services

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