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"I was a Stranger
and you
welcomed mE"

asylum seekers and refugees

Around the world violence, conflict and persecution are forcing families to flee their homes in search of safety at an alarming rate. The United Nations estimates there are more than 25 million refugees who cannot safely return home. 

We Welcome them to the United States. 

Mission Border Hope Resource Center is a non-profit organization that provides a safe haven for arriving CBP processed families to Maverick County. Our building is currently a commissioned church belonging to the First United Methodist Church. 



At Mission Border Hope Resource Center we offer a BIG WELCOME to all the arrivals. When they arrive we give them all an orientation, so they know where are they located, what are the next things to do, and of course, we tell them that they have arrived to the United States. 

We offer phone calls, wifi, and translators so they can call their families after being detain for hours, days or even months.

We provide options for them to travel safely to their final destination.


hot meals

Some of the people have been traveling for months and they have been through so much. So our goal is to provide a good meal to everyone. Our volunteers (some travel down from different places) to cook delicious meals. We also receive food donations from different churches and community agencies.  


Higiene and Clothing

We offer showers, hygene kits and clean clothing to our families. 



We host overnight the families that need to stay overnight, with a capacity to host up to 120 people.  

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